My Story

I’ve had a paintbrush and wallpaper smoother in my hand as long as I can remember. I grew up in Buxton, Maine and was trained by my father, who owned Barney’s of Buxton, a painting and wallpapering company. I was privileged to develop my skills in the family business while decorating many upscale homes and hotels in southern Maine.

In my twenties, I began to put my construction experience to even better use by volunteering. After volunteering with rebuilding homes in hurricane-devastated Jamacia and New Orleans, I was asked to join a large, multi-year volunteer project for a religious nonprofit in the Hudson Valley. I was able to use my experience to install wallcoverings in hundreds of residential units which are used by other volunteers, and in public venues that are visited by thousands of tour groups each year.

After completing the projects that I had committed to (and which have brought me so much satisfaction over the last few years), I returned to Southern Maine and the Seacoast Region. With this change, I’ve brought my passion and experience in painting and wallcoverings to forming PaperWorks Wallcoverings.

I look forward to bringing that passion for my work to your next project.